A backpack is one of the most convenient travel bag ideas that you must consider while going on a trip. Carrying a backpack is very easy, moreover you don’t have to keep worrying about the luggage – just wear it on your back and you are good to go. But do you know the way you wear your backpack has an overall effect on to your health?

Wearing your backpack rightly is very important to avoid all kinds of back and shoulder pain that you otherwise have to suffer. Wearing a backpack wrongly can lead to more pressure on to the areas like your back, neck and shoulders.

Here is how you can wear the backpack rightly and avoid unwanted pain and health issues:

  • Always carry your backpack on both the shoulders rather than slinging both the shoulder straps on one side of the shoulder. It might take a little longer to wear, but this habit would make sure that it doesn’t create any health problems.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps of the backpack so that the backpack rests high on to your back and the shoulder straps rest comfortable on to your shoulders. The bag you wear must not extend below your waist, and must always ride at least an inch above your hips.
  • You are also required to readjust the straps of your backpack when wearing different thicknesses of clothing so that the backpack is neither too thick nor to loose on to your back.
  • Your backpack should never sway from side to side while you walk down the road. This is because it could lead to chafing from the straps of the shoulder and from rubbing against your back. A stable load is considered to be better.
  • If your backpack comes with a chest strap or waist strap, do not give a second thought in using it. Waist straps help to distribute the entire weight of the backpack more evenly to the hip area, thereby helping you relieve the unwanted shoulder pressure. Chest strap helps to keep the shoulder straps in place, thereby reducing the swaying of the backpack.


Avoid the following ways of wearing a backpack:

  • Do not sling your backpack to one shoulder only as it can lead to poor posture and can also cause a lot of pain in your back, neck and shoulders. It would also make you walk off-balance and put a strain on all of the bones as well as muscles of your upper body. It also affects the hip and core area.
  • Do not wear a backpack too low on to your back as there are chances it may increase the pressure on to your shoulder. This particular position may lead to a lot of shoulder and lower back strain.

Take a note of all the above listed do’s and don’ts while wearing a backpack. Follow the do’s and make sure you don’t wear your backpack in the wrong manner. Wearing a backpack rightly is important to maintain your overall postures and to avoid unwanted pain and injuries.